2011 into 2012

After my show at ThincSavannah in summer of 2011, I took some time to reflect on the path of my art making. I was looking at images from various sources of design and fashion which began to pique my interests more and more. House Beautiful had a series on small homes which I painted first as small water colors and then proceeded to large acrylic paintings. These works added more structure and definition to my style of color-filled canvases and energetic brushwork. But I wanted to take a bigger leap, set-up a challenge for myself that required using different skills i.e. a controlled brush and intense observation plus use of my drawing skills. For the past 8 months I have worked on several portraits. This journey has been fascinating. Going from a literal interpretation to incorporating my artistic sense and style has been a challenge that when successful lifts the spirit. I'm looking forward to breaking new ground in my work for 2012. 

Michael L. , Cafe Gitane, Jane Hotel, NYC  
acrylic on canvas
38.5" x 30.5"  

Wallpaper design: "Raindrops"